The artist

I am at my happiest and most relaxed when my general life involves the creative process. This may be  a lone pursuit or a shared activity, and this frequently involves my three children. Creativity does not just mean my art – gardening and cooking enter into my creative space, which is just as well, or I’d never get anything done around the home!

As an artist I find myself inspired by colour, texture, pattern and the natural world. This can obviously involve everthing around but with a busy life style this can so easily be missed, so when I can I try to walk as this allows me to slow down and notice the detail of wider views and tiny forms around me. Walking the family dog (a slightly loopy Boxer) provides this precious time on a regular basis.

I am a bit of a collectamaniac (my husband may call it something else?) and every day bits and bobs are frequently viewed as potential treasures. You will find my ‘studio’ full of boxes, baskets, tins and other containers, all holding the paraphenalia for adding detail to my next project. I dabble in many creative processes including painting, sewing, mixed media, collage and emboidary, chopping and changing to suit my mood and my lifestyle.

Historically, I initially completed a foundation course in general art and design but focused on textiles at degree level. A PGCE in art and design allowed me to teach art to others. This was followed by a postgraduate diploma in Art Psychotherapy then enabling me to help and support others through the creative process. My current venture, ‘Little Brampton’ is the next stepping stone in my creativity and allows me to share my creations with a wider audience. Alongside this I also joined HAOS and will be exhibiting my work with others at Sedgewick House in June and opening my ‘studio’ for people to view.

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